Stargroups is a company specialising in tailor-made services in Real estate/prestigious property in Italy and Retail locations worldwide.

The professionalism we offer to our clients is rooted in and has grown through significant entrepreneurial and managerial experience gained both in Italy and abroad.

This experience allows us to provide our services with sound judgement, management skills and the ability to adapt to the client's needs.

The client who relies on Stargroups does not purchase a service, but a result.

Why only tailor made services

Because time is a precious commodity and we do not want it to be wasted.

To be confident about the result, in control of the process that leads to it and able to fine-tune the modus operandi en route.

Tailor made retail, because each company has specific needs that require customised analysis and services.

Tailor made real estate, because our aim is seeking what the client wishes to buy rather than selling what we have to sell.

The market is in our hands, the result will be in yours